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Europe Day in Ukraine 16 May 2020



According to the Presidential Decree No. 339 of 19 April 2003 every year on the third Saturday of May our country celebrates Europe Day. Ukraine is almost the only non-EU state that celebrates this day at the state level, which is an important step in strengthening Ukraine's self-identification as an European state that shares the traditions and values ​​of Europe: democracy, freedom, rule of law.

In recent years, our country has been moving confidently along the path of deep and structural reforms, which are the foundation for qualitative change and the basis for economic growth. And the development of the public financial management system, an integral part of which is public financial control, is one of the main directions of European integration, which is based on the provisions of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

The State Audit Office highly appreciates the long-term experience of cooperation with European colleagues and is grateful to them for a deep and comprehensive understanding of the existing challenges in the system of public financial control. Their support is very important and crucial for the development of our Service.

Taking this festive opportunity, we express our gratitude for many years of support and fruitful cooperation to our European colleagues and hope for its further development. Happy Europe Day!