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A new profession is being born - an internal auditor of public sector 17 March 2008

On 17th of March 2008 it was started in the MainCRO the first weekly training courses in internal audit for 50 specialists of 32 public sector bodies: the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the MoF, ministries, other central executive authorities, public governance bodies and two higher educational establishments – the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine and Kyiv National Trade and Economy University.     

This training is held pursuant to the Plan of Actions for implementation of provisions of the Concept of Development of Public Internal Financial Control for 2005-2009, approved by the Executive Order of the Government of 16 November 2005, and within the Twinning project “Assisting the Main Control and Revision Office of Ukraine (KRU) in implementing a new system of Public Internal Financial Control”, implemented based on the contract between the EC Delegation to Ukraine, Swedish National Financial Management Authority and the MainCRO.  

The main topics, to which attention of the trainees was drawn, are the essence, nature and role of internal audit in public sector, system-based audit and fraud prevention. Training includes lectures, practical studies, discussions and consideration in small groups. Training is delivered by acknowledged specialists in internal audit from the Northern Ireland – Derek Anderson and Alison Caldwell.

While opening the first training day, the Deputy Chairman of the MainCRO Ihor Stefanyuk bade welcome to the first future public sector auditors and informed on outcomes of work of Ukrainian delegation in Brussels, where during the previous week it had been concluded the VII round of talks about a new reinforced treaty “Ukraine – EU”. I.Stefanyuk underscored that the matter of reforming of the national system of public internal financial control would be a part of this treaty.   

In welcoming note the chief of Department of Public Internal Financial Control Harmonization of the MainCRO Maryna Barynina underlined the thing that building of internal control system was impossible without change in ideology, and road to the profession of internal auditor was measured by years. Having outlined the tasks, set before the Central Harmonization Unit and other central executive authorities, M.Barynina noted that it was on the 17th of March of 2008 that the first practical step was taken towards introducing a new profession – internal auditor of public sector.    

Resident Twinning Advisor Vilhelm Reutersward while characterizing present system of public internal financial control in Ukraine, told about directions in which its components would develop with assistance of this project. 

The next actual step in construction of a modern model of public internal financial control will be trainings in internal control that will start from 31st of March of the current year.