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First training in Internal Control has started 1 April 2008

The MainCRO with assistance of the Twinning project implements consistently the Plan of Actions for implementation of provisions of the Concept of Development of Public Internal Financial Control (PIFC) for 2005-2009.

For instance, the first weekly training in internal control started on the 31st of March 2008.                   18 specialists of 9 central executive authorities, Dnipro Oblast State Administration and the National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine participated in it. Overwhelming majority of these bodies displayed initiative for conducting pilot projects in internal control. Apart from specialists of the mentioned bodies, employees of different structural subdivisions of the MainCRO also participated in this training.    

The main training topics are the following: introduction of PIFC system in Ukraine and challenges, related to it, risk management, internal control and sound management, international COSO standards and legal base, prevision of fraud. Training includes lectures, practical studies, discussions and consideration in small groups. Training is delivered by specialists of Swedish National Financial Management Authority – Vilhelm Reutersward (RTA)  and Annika Davidson. 

While opening training course, chief of the Department of PIFC Harmonization of the MainCRO Maryna Barynina dwelt on the essence of the Concept of PIFC Development and the Plan of Actions for implementation of its provisions, role and place of the Central Harmonization Unit, as well as contents of tasks which would be performed by the Department of PIFC Harmonization together with ministries and other central executive authorities during 2008.  

An important present-day matter which the auditory has to decide before the end of training is determination of specific areas for conducting pilot audits in building a European model of internal control in bodies, for which they work. 

Vilhelm Reutersward told about the Twinning project, organization of pilot projects and together with Annika Davidson got down to performance of the training program till Friday, the 4th of April of the current year.

It is worth noting, that during the preceding week first future internal auditors of public sector passed training in the MainCRO. The same course is planned for the second group to take place the following week, and from the 14th to 18th of April this year national specialists will again learn the European understanding of internal control.