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Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Twinning project next in turn was held 22 April 2008

On the 18th of April 2008 it was held the second meeting of the Steering Committee of the Twinning project “Assisting the Main Control and Revision Office of Ukraine (KRU) in implementing a new system of Public Internal Financial Control”. Representatives of Swedish National Financial Management Authority,  the Main Control and Revision Office, the Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance, Project Administrative Office and Implementation of Twinning Operations in Ukraine took part in the meeting. During the meeting it was summed up the second quarter of the project implementation and it was outlined perspective for the following period. In this quarter together with Swedish experts it was held a seminar for top management on the topic: “Importance of Introduction of Internal Financial Control System in Ukraine”, as well as an internal seminar for specialists of the MainCRO on matters of audit of efficiency.  

In the reporting period a lot of work was devoted to preparation to holding training courses in internal control and internal audit in the third quarter. It has been developed a draft of the general training program for all courses, envisaged within the framework of the project.  

As the Project Leader from Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the MainCRO Stephanyuk Ihor stressed that one of important preconditions for support of internal audit introduction by the management of the central executive authorities was segregation of responsibility for legal (for instance, in the person of the state secretary) and efficient (in the person of the highest manager of CEA) use of public funds.      

Expert of the Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine Eleonora Nikolaichuk suggested popularizing the idea of reforming of public internal financial control in Ukraine and explaining to the general public the importance of this reform for ensuring a sound level of financial budget discipline in the state.  

Swedish party assured the Ukrainian party of maintaining relations with the General Inspectorate of Finances of Portugal for organization of common training in forensic audit (“fight against fraud”).