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The “round table” with the European experts was held in the MainCRO 8 October 2009

Representatives of the MainCRO, the Ministry of Finance and the State Treasury discussed the current state of reformation of public financial management system and ways of improvement of work on coordination in this direction at the “round table” with representatives of the European Commission on the 6th of October, 2009.

The European Commission was presented at the meeting by Robert de Koning Team Leader on PIFC, Directorate-General on Budget of the European Commission, Joop Vrolijk, Principal Administrator, Financial Control and External Audit, SIGMA-OECD Programme, Eleonora Nikolaichuk, Sector Manager on Public Finance, Twinning, TAIEX, SIGMA. The National Academy of Finance and Economy of the Netherlands was presented by Jan van Tuinen, Senior Coordinator, Team Leader of the project “Education of Civil Servants in the Public Finance of Ukraine”, which operates under the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine; Resident Twinning Advisor Vilhelm Reutersward was also present at the meeting.

The meeting was opened by Deputy Chairman of the MainCRO – Project Leader Ihor Stefaniuk, who noted that the meeting was very important, especially in the context of completion of cooperation within the framework of the Twinning project.

During the meeting the current state of reformation of public financial management system was presented by Maryna Barynina, Head of the Public Internal Financial Control Harmonization Department and Yulia Futoranska, Director of the Department of the Budget System Reformation.

Within the framework of a two-hour dialogue the following issues were reviewed and discussed: first results of the Twinning project implementation, the necessity in further reformation, the nearest next steps and also probable directions for further assistance from the European Commission.

The participants concentrated chiefly on the necessity of development of legal providing of PIFC reform, study of the current state of coordination with other projects and institutions, training programs and certification of future internal auditors.

In conclusion, Joop Vrolijk noted that the MainCRO is on the right way, but a lot of work is needed for achieving its objectives, in his turn, Deputy Chairman of the MainCRO Ihor Stefaniuk thanked foreign colleagues for the interesting meeting and expressed a wish to continue such a fruitful cooperation.