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SIGMA proposed support to the MainCRO 28 December 2009

On the 16th of December 2009 representatives of SIGMA, supreme advisor Joop Vroliyk and expert Jeremy Cant came to the MainCRO on a three-day visit to evaluate the MainCRO’s activity spheres, reforming of which needs to be supported by international experts and to discuss necessary measures for its realization.

In the MainCRO the EU experts were greeted by Deputies Chairman of the MainCRO Gennadiy Dmytrenko and Ihor Stefaniuk, Head of the Department of Organizational Operations Serhiy Chornutskiy, Chiefs of the divisions of the Department of Public Internal Financial Control Harmonization Tetyana Borovkova and Volodymyr Leschenko as well as specialists of the division of providing of collegiums work, international relations and coordination of work with executive authorities of the Department of Organizational Operations.

Each parties of the meeting expressed theirs wishes in relation to and visions of cooperation between the MainCRO and SIGMA in 2010. As a result of bilateral efforts the following ways of assistance that SIGMA will provide the MainCRO with, were determined:

 -developing of normative base in the sphere of public internal financial control;

 -training of specialists in the PIFC sphere;

 -assistance for the Central Harmonization Unit (the Department of PIFC Harmonization of the MainCRO);

-preparing of a Twinning fiche for a new Twinning project.

The meeting on the 17th of December 2009 was dedicated to developing the draft program of cooperation between the MainCRO and SIGMA for implementation of every mentioned directions on 2010. This draft envisages a number of measures, in particular reviewing of draft enactments, seminars, presentations, trainings, pilot projects, study tours etc., as well as terms of their execution.

On the 18th of December Head of the Department of Public Internal Financial Control Harmonization Maryna Barynina and Deputy Director of the Department of Budget System Reform of the Ministry of Finance Ihor Bugrak aligned with representatives of the meeting and also took part in discussion of the draft program of cooperation on 2010.

In particular Ukrainian party noted the necessity of close cooperation of international experts presenting different governments of the EU countries and providing Ukraine with assistance in reforming of PIFC system, with the purpose to avoid any discrepancies. Representatives of SIGMA agreed on this suggestion and proposed to envisage in 2010 joint seminars with representatives from France and Kingdom of Netherlands cooperating with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine in reforming of budget system.

Ihor Bugrak also expressed a wish to involve representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine in trainings on internal audit. He referred these wants to the necessity of a clear-cut understanding of PIFC system and needs of such reform by the Ukrainian experts working on PIFC implementing on governmental level.

Joop Vrolijk pointed out that training of Ukrainian colleagues will have twofold approach. There is "round table" in Ukraine and study tour abroad. Hereat he noted that while defining the Member State of EU the term of its membership should be considered because, for example, such country as England has its own long-term history and its experience will hardly suit Ukraine today.

Participants of the meeting also concentrated on issue of drafting a Twinning fiche for a new Twinning project. After outlining of cooperation ways and discussion of an experience of some Member States of EU in the fight against fraud sphere, participants of the meeting decided to start their work on this issue on the beginning of 2010.

Hereby parties came to an agreement on ways of future cooperation and agreed that the draft program on 2010 should be considered by the European Commission and the MainCRO and should be approved on the beginning of January next year.