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Inspectors of all ministers, let’s unite! 5 February 2010

Conference with managers of control and revision units which are functioning within central executive authorities system took place in the MainCRO assembly hall on February 4, 2010.

The cause for this meeting was the adoption of the Degree No.2 of 6 January 2010 “On internal control and revision work carrying out within the central executive authority system” by the Government. This Degree extended considerably the circle of institutions and organizations, which will collaborate with the MainCRO in the sphere of the internal control and revision working prospect.

Therefore not only managers of control and revision units of central executive authorities but also managers of such units which are functioning in governmental and other governance bodies, subordinated to central executive authorities, were invited to participate in the seminar. The subject of the seminar interested scientists and specialists of high school, which on their own initiative took part in it.

On the whole, 111persons out of 80 organizations, including representatives of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the European Commission’s Delegation to Ukraine, 52 central and 2 local executive authorities, 2 governmental bodies within the composition of ministries, 5 other public bodies, 4 national higher education establishments and also National Academy of Sciences and Academy of Pedagogical Sciences.

After greeting colleagues Deputy Chairman of the MainCRO Ihor Stephaniuk underlined that changes in the ideology of the internal control and revision work are primarily the additional result of implementation of TWINNING Project Assisting the MainCRO in implementing a new system of Public Internal Financial Control” and experience studying of activity of general inspectors offices in USA, an opportunity to acquaint with which was given to specialists of the MainCRO owing to Threshold program of corporation “Millennium Challenges”.

 Ihor Stephaniuk underlined that exactly TWINNING Project gave an opportunity for clear understanding of European approach to public internal financial control (PIFC).  Owing to this deep awareness of place of Ukraine on the way of reforming, differences between domestic system and the best European practice, and the main – reasons of these differences became. Ihor Stephaniuk assured audience that in future the MainCRO will try to bring domestic PIFC system to the European regulations and rules but at the same time it will preserve and protect that good one, which is needed for the country on the relevant stage of development. “The present state of financial and budget discipline in the state needs not only a new PIFC system introduction, but also improvement of internal control and revision work. From this day we are laying the foundation of the integral system of internal control and revision work”, Ihor Stephaniuk summarized the opening address.

 Chief of the PIFC Harmonization Department of the MainCRO Maryna Barynina disclosed key positions of the Degree of the Government “On internal control and revision work carrying out within the central executive authorities system”, she told about over 60 “pluses” and 4 “minuses” that appeared in their daily activity owing to this document.

Attention of audience was also called to the first draft documents, necessity of development of which is stipulated by the Degree No.2 and which were prepared by specialists of the Harmonization Department less than in a month after the day of its adoption. Deputy Chief of the Harmonization Department Tetiana Borovkova presented a new draft form of report on the results of the internal control and revision work and proclaimed its main differences comparatively with the valid form. Chief of the Harmonization Department Maryna Barynina disclosed essence of the draft Standards of the internal control and revision work and offered draft form of consolidated register of subordinated subjects for discussion, and Chief of the division of this Department Volodymyr Leschenko presented the draft Code of Ethics of Internal Inspectors.

 As participants of the seminar noted speech of the Governmental authorized person on matters of anticorruption policy Yuriy Suhov was interesting and very useful. In the course of his speech Yuriy Suhov acquainted audience with main tasks and functions of units of prevention and counteraction of corruption in central executive authorities, disclosed essence of interaction between them and control and revision units. Managers of departmental CRO heard answers “at first hand” on actual questions, related to the implementation so called “small package of the anticorruption legislation” and regulations of the governmental Degree No.1422 of 8 December  2009 “Matters of prevention and counteraction of corruption within central executive authorities”.

Continuation of this theme was presentation of draft Statute of Council of Internal Inspectors of Integrity and Efficiency by the Chief of the Harmonization Department Maryna Barynina. “Time to unite, time to create professional community, time for professionally deciding of professional and ethics matters came”, Maryna Barynina underlined.

During the seminar references of completion of the third (final) stage of the training on an internal audit by 21 listeners of the seminar, which were participants of trainings in the frame work of TWINNING Project last year, were handed. Ihor Stephaniuk and Maryna Barynina assured audience that the MainCRO in future will support specialists which passed training. In particular, a draft plan of international cooperation of the MainCRO on a current year envisages activities exactly for such specialists which passed a cycle of initial training on an internal audit.

Words “revolutionally”, “first”, “regulated finally”, “defined exactly”, “improved substantially”, “simplified significantly” and like that were alleged repeatedly. The event was completed traditionally – by questions and answers.

Managers of internal control and revision units were offered to acquaint once again with all presented drafts which are placed on the official web-site of the MainCRO (in the subrubric “Reference information” of the rubric “Departmental control”) in more detail and to send suggestions on e-mail of specialists of the Harmonization Department over the next three days.