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Expert of the Dutch Ministry of Finance visited the MainCRO 2 March 2010

On the 24th of February an expert of the Dutch Ministry of Finance Jan van Tuinen visited the MainCRO to discuss the draft agreement on providing the MainCRO with technical and financial support by the Dutch Ministry of Finance. 

During the meeting parties mutually decided that on the 17th of March an official meeting of representatives of the MainCRO, the Dutch Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands will take part. After that the parties plan to start cooperation within the framework of programme.

Now the MainCRO is going to define 3 regions, in which during the current year the pilot projects on introduction of internal control system will be realized with support of experts from the MainCRO and the Dutch Ministry of Finance. Programme of realization of pilot projects, offered by Dutch experts, envisages theoretical seminars, pilot activity and study tours abroad of participants of pilot projects.

         Dutch expert informed representatives of the meeting, that Yan van Tuinen, Manfred van Kesteren and Ruslana Rudnycka were defined as experts on the period of programme carrying out.