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SIGMA experts visited the MainCRO within the framework of an estimation mission 13 April 2010


       On the 6th and 7th of April current year representatives of the SIGMA Joop Vrolijk, Peter Brooke, Noel Hepworth, Andy Anderson and also Sector Manager of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Eleonora Nikolaichuk and representative of the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine Natalia Kyrychenko visited the MainCRO within the framework of the SIGMA Programme mission with the aim to make an estimation of the current situation in Ukrainian public finance management sphere to define ways for involving possible assistance of  the European Union.    

Deputy Chairman of the MainCRO Olena Chechulina opened the meeting and greeted visitors. She also defined the main directions of the MainCRO’s work for the nearest perspective.  

Expert on audit and financial control Joop Vrolijk pointed the duration of cooperation with the MainCRO and reminded that the first visit of the SIGMA representatives to the MainCRO was in 2006 in the framework of estimating the public internal financial management, carried out at the request of the President of Ukraine. That estimation was made over the six indexes; its analysis had a kind of more horizontal character. After carrying out of such estimation and till today SIGMA has cooperated with the MainCRO in different aspects.

SIGMA expert on public internal financial control Noel Hepworth informed that by the results of an estimation it is planned to develop a document. Such draft document will be sent approximately in mid-May. It will contain the recommendations, in accordance to which directions of the EU assistance in implementing of the further reforms in the public finance management sphere in Ukraine in the near 3-5 years will be defined. 

During two-days visit representatives of the SIGMA jointly with heads of the structural units of the MainCRO discussed the following matters:

·        scope of activity of the MainCRO;

·        peculiarities of carrying out of the public finance audit by the MainCRO;

·        peculiarities of carrying out of the inspection; 

·        directions of reforming of the public internal financial control system in Ukraine.

      Special attention was paid to the results of the Twinning project in Ukraine, which were presented by Deputy Head of the Department of PIFC Harmonization Tetyana Borovkova.  

      Also Tetyana Borovkova briefly told about directions of cooperation of the MainCRO with international institutions within the framework of the continuation of reforming of PIFC system in Ukraine.

     At the end of two-days visit of the SIGMA experts to the MainCRO both parties expressed their hope on a fruitful cooperation and pointed the importance of developing of PIFC system in Ukraine.