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Activity within the framework of the "Modernization of public finance" project continued 12 April 2010

In the framework of the "Modernization of public finance" project from April 6 to 8 this year senior international expert on internal financial control risks of «SОFRECO» company Mrs. Vanya Tomeva worked in the MainCRO.

During the meetings with leading specialists of the MainCRO issues of identifying and developing of mechanism of planning of public audit and inspection in accordance with risks of probability of financial violations committing in control objects were discussed.

Director of Organizational Operations Department Serhiy Chornutskiy opened the meeting on the 6th of April and noted that the MainCRO aspires to improve approaches to planning of control and revision work by implementing of control objects selection mechanism for inspection and audit based on risk assessment of probability of financial violations committing. Such approaches should improve the results of control activities and reduce labour inputs into their carrying out. 

          Relevant work envisages setting up the automated database to store information on financial violations risks, on defining risk-related information sources and designing a risk management methodology.

Representative of «SOFRECO» company presented initial variant of the table of factors for risks identifying with the purpose of objects selection with the clear criteria list, method of relevant information accumulation for updating it into the database.

On results of two-days meetings on the 8th of April Vanya Tomeva submitted for consideration a new variant of the table in view of propositions of specialists of the MainCRO. Parties confirmed defined sources of information accumulation on risks of control objects’ activity, including use of available public registers, databases etc, as well as developed tentative work programme for the next visit of expert to Kyiv. It is planned to start the next mission on this issue in the middle of May current year.