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Work within the framework of the "Modernization of public finance" Project is continued 25 May 2010

Within the framework of the "Modernization of public finance" Project from May 18 until 21 this year representatives of the firm “SOFRECO” team leader, manager of the Project Olivie Verdeil and the senior international expert on risks of internal financial control Vania Tomeva worked in the MainCRO.

Experts held the presentation of the risks assessment system of the Tax Agency of Bulgaria, dwelled on details on indexes which help to select risk objects.  

During the meetings with leading specialists of the MainCRO main points of the draft methodology of accumulation and generalizing of the information on risks of the possible commitment of violations by control objects, in particular, factors of the risk for organizations of the public sector of economy and economic agents were discussed in details. 

According to the results of the work Vania Tomeva gave finished variant of the methodology for consideration taking into account suggestions of specialists of the MainCRO. Since during performance of the contract the necessity of developing of business-processes and general requirements to the information system of the risks assessment appeared, parties discussed the possibility to continue the contract for 3 months and to involve the expert on information technologies as well as to develop the tentative work program for the next arrive of the expert to Kiev. It is planned to start the next mission on this matter in June this year.