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Modernization of public finances is in progress 20 September 2010

Senior international expert on risks of internal financial control of “SOFRECO” Vanya Tomeva and the specialist on information technologies Anatoliy Deshko worked in the MainCRO from 6th until 10th September within the framework of the project of the World Bank “Public Finance Modernization”.

In the course of the visit a row of meetings of experts with leading specialists of the MainCRO, representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the State Treasury and the State Committee of Statistic etc. was conducted to revise the methodological base and to develop the technical component for introduction of planning of the control and revision work based on risks.

At the last day of the work week on 10th September experts met with the consultant on the monitoring assessment of the World Bank project “Public Finance Modernization” Valentyna Melnyk and the Director of the Department of Organizational Operations of the MainCRO Serhiy Chornutskyi.

During this meeting Parties discussed the final version of the Methodology of accumulating, summarizing and use of information for risks assessment which will be used in future by the MainCRO for selection of objects of control in the course of planning of the control and revision work by the SCRS bodies. Valentyna Melnyk emphasized on the importance of organization of trainings for users after appearance of prepared program product, she mentioned that a special attention should be paid to the proper training in all regions of Ukraine since the work conducted together with experts envisages creation of the automatic data base of accumulation of risks of possibility of committing of financial violations as a component of the integrated informational and analytical system of public finance management.

At the end of the meeting Serhiy Chornutskyi thanked foreign experts for cooperation and rendered services and also expressed the hope that mutual efforts and the work made within the framework of this project will have the practical result.