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The MainCRO – ADETEF: orienting points are defined on the next year 16 November 2010

On 15th November the meeting of representatives of the Main Control and Revision Office of Ukraine with representatives of the delegation of ADETEF (France) Daniele Lajoumard, Alain Thibault and Iryna Ozymok was held. The meeting was devoted to summing up of results of work and identifying of priority directions of cooperation on the next year.

Considering results of team-work participants concluded that matters and measures which had been planned on 2010 have not been implemented almost. However it did not affect effectiveness and a quality of cooperation but only changed orienting points of further cooperation.

Thus, during discussion of matters which would be expediently covered in the course of bilateral events in 2011 parties identified priority themes: activity of an institute of public controllers on the base of public enterprises and introduction and functioning of the system of Public Internal Financial Control.

Mrs. Lajoumard pointed out that these questions are very topical not only for Ukraine but for France and other developed countries which stand at the stage of evolution of the system of internal control and internal audit. Thus the problem question which is high on the agenda in France today is preparation and certification of internal auditors. At the same time French Party is ready to share its own experience and to assist Ukrainian colleagues to organize the work in defined spheres correctly and fruitfully.

Summing up Parties expressed pleasure of long-term and fruitful bilateral cooperation and a readiness to further effective cooperation.