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Ukrainian specialists have acquainted with the Polish experience in the sphere of internal audit 7 December 2010

During 15th-19th November this year the study tour to Warsaw (Poland) has happened within the framework of the joint project of the Main Control and Revision Office and the Ukrainian-Polish Foundation of Cooperation PAUCI. This project is aimed at introduction of internal audit at the regional level.

Representatives of the Central Harmonization Unit of the MainCRO, personnel of the CROs and the regional public administrations of Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Mykolayiv and Chernigiv regions participated in the study tour from Ukraine.

Today there is lack of an understanding of internal audit under the European model in Ukraine. Minority of people which passed trainings and participated in pilots within the framework of the Twinning project is acquainted with it. An experience that is being gained in the course of getting acquaintance with the legacy practice is very useful as services of internal audit shall actually begin to work in all central executive authorities without an exception in 2012.   

A row of institutions of the Poland Republic which presented their own experience in the sphere of internal audit to Ukrainian colleagues was very wide. There were institutions of the central (the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Infrastructure) and municipal (Marshalkovsk Department of the Mazovetsk Province and Department of Warsaw) levels as well as public enterprises (LLC “Warsaw trams”) and funds (the National Fund of Health Protection and the Polish Agency of the Enterprise Development).

Polish colleagues presented the history of internal audit services becoming in Poland, practical grounds of conduction of system audit, financial audit, and quality audit, aspects of the training and certification of internal auditors to the Ukrainian delegation. Besides, presentation of realization of treasury control was very interesting.

Last day at the central office of PAUCI participants of pilot projects on internal audit, that is currently running in Ukraine, presented drafts of audit reports. Polish experts which are practicing auditors presented their remarks and recommendations to them.