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French experience in the sphere of public procurement 9 February 2011

By the support of Kyiv Mission of the Agency of International Technical Assistance of the Ministry of Economy, Industry, Employment and the Ministry of the Budget, State Accounts, State Service and State Reform of France (ADETEF) and within the framework of bilateral cooperation between the MainCRO and ADETEF video conference on “European practice of organization of the system of control in the sphere of public procurements” was held on 9th February.

Yanick RichetGeneral economic and financial controller, coordinator of cooperation with the MainCRO and Jean-Philippe Nadaladvisor on public procurements have presented French experience.

From the MainCRO Deputy Chairman Denys Krasnikov and personnel of the Department of Control in the Sphere of Public Procurements and Head of this Department Oleksandr Zrazhevskyi have welcomed French experts. 

Having presented respect and gratitude to the foreign experts for the experience, gained by the Ukrainian Party during a long-term cooperation Denys Krasnikov shortly outlined the state of affairs in the sphere of control over public procurements in Ukraine.

In the course of presentation of the French experience representatives of the MainCRO were acquainted with regulations of French legislation in the sphere of public procurements, procedures of ensuring of their accordance with the Directives of EU, peculiarities of gradual departure from administrative approaches of control realization etc.   

At the end of his presentation Mr. Nadal emphasized on obligingness of applying of procedures of internal control and internal and external audit in the course of public procurements and invited participants to discussion.

Exactly thanks to similarity of spheres of activity and commonality of interests in the course of bright discussion questions of the specialists of the MainCRO in the sphere of public procurements were satisfied by the French colleagues.  

At the end Denys Krasnikov thanked to experts of ADETEF for presented experience and pointed out that received information is very useful for Ukrainian specialists. He has expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation.