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Results of the pilot projects on internal control at the regional level have been summed up 10 February 2011

On 8 February 2011 final seminar was held in the MainCRO within the frameworks of the pilot activity on introduction of internal control at the regional level by the support of the program of the Project of International Cooperation with the Netherlands Ministry of Finance. Permanent coordinators and experts of the Project, specialists of the MainCRO as well as participants of work groups of 6 pilot projects that are representatives of the regional CROs and the regional state administrations of Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Cherkasy regions have participated in the seminar. The main aim of this event has been presentation of the results of the pilot projects concerning adjusting of the system of internal control in the process of realization of materials of control measures, conducted in the form of inspection (for the CROs) and in the process of making healthy of liquidators of consequences of an accident on CHAES (for the Main Department of the Labour and Social Protection of RSAs).

Deputy Chairman of the MainCRO Olena Chechulina has opened the seminar and underlined the priority of measures related to the development of the system of public internal financial control in Ukraine. Mrs. Chechulina has pointed out that just Ukrainian-Holland project had stipulated to dissemination of the following issues at the regional level of Ukraine: an understanding of an essence of European approaches to internal control, differences between domestic system and the best European practice in the PIFC sphere, reasons of these differences. Separately she has emphasized on the necessity of realization of further steps on the way of an advancement of reforms in Ukraine and development of further close cooperation with Holland partners.

In his turn, coordinator of the technical assistance of the Netherlands Ministry of Finance Jan van Tuinen has confirmed intentions of the Holland Party to continue cooperation with the MainCRO of Ukraine in the sphere of PIFC development and shortly outlined its main directions. The coordinator of the project Ruslana Rudnytska has presented short history of the project and expected results of pilots.

After this results of pilots were directly presented to an attention of participants. Representative of the Lviv Regional State Administration has presented the main stages of activity, findings and recommendations concerning improvement of the process of making healthy of liquidators of consequences of an accident on CHAES at the level of the Main Department of the Labour and Social Protection of RSA. In his turn representative of the Cherkasy CRO has told about results of attempt of adjusting of internal control system in the process of realization of materials of control measures conducted in the form of inspection.

After the presentation participants of work groups had an opportunity to exchange their thoughts. Discussion has been bright and substantial. Having summed up, representatives of the CROs in Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv regions Oleksandr Shkuropat and Ihor Volyanskyi shared common conclusions and observations concerning the process and results of implementation ofpilotsas well as gained experience.

In their turn Head of the Public Internal Financial Control Harmonization Department Maksim Tymokhin and Deputy Head Tetyana Borovkova have told about conclusions and observations concerning Project and a raw of aspects of PIFC development in Ukraine. They underlined that despite the fact that the MainCRO in future would also try to bring the domestic PIFC system maximally closer to European regulations and rules, it is very important to save the best possessions of the country.

With the purpose of methodological assistance an expert of the project of the Netherlands Ministry of Finance Manfred van Kesteren has presented and explained the main provisions of practical manual on internal control. Also Holland experts have given recommendations concerning preparation of the final report.

In the second part of the seminar participants in small groups worked over tasks related to preparation of common recommendations by the results of “pilots” and concrete propositions concerning improvement of an activity in selected processes. An obligatory condition of this task was reality of realization of prepared propositions into the practical activity.

At the end of the seminar results of work in groups were presented and international experts told their comments.

During the next three days within the framework of the Program of the project of the international cooperation the best representatives of work groups from the CROs of Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv and Cherkasy regions as well as experts of the CHU of the MainCRO by the support of experts of the Netherlands will have an opportunity to participate in the professional training for future “trainers”. Because just at this stage Ukraine needs specialists which will be able to ensure the further dissemination of the best European experience in the PIFC sphere.