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30 January 2010
Cooperation will be continued

On the 27th and 28th of January current year a meeting with representatives of the Dutch Ministry of Finance – Jan van Tuinen, coordinator of technical assistance, and experts Klaas van Diermen and Manfred van Kesteren was held by Deputy Chairman of the MainCRO Ihor Stefaniuk with participation of representative of the Department of Reform of Budget System of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Tetyana Kachan. Experts of the MainCRO and the Dutch Ministry of Finance discussed the issues on cooperation in the sphere of reforming of public internal financial control in 2010.

29 December 2009
On the 29th of December 2009 Chairman of the MainCRO Mykola Syvulskyi died.

On the 29th of December 2009 Chairman of the MainCRO Mykola Syvulskyi died. He was only 57. His memory will always live.

28 December 2009
Horizons of cooperation have been enlarged.

On the 22nd of December, 2009 representatives of the MainCRO met with the Coordinator of Technical Assistance Jan van Tuinen, who suggested assistance to the MainCRO in implementing of public internal financial control system in Ukraine.

28 December 2009
SIGMA proposed support to the MainCRO

On the 16th of December 2009 representatives of SIGMA, supreme advisor Joop Vroliyk and expert Jeremy Cant came to the MainCRO on a three-day visit to evaluate the MainCRO’s activity spheres, reforming of which needs to be supported by international experts and to discuss necessary measures for its realization.

17 November 2009
Specialists from Great Britain transfer experience to the Ukrainian colleagues

Internal auditors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain arrived to Kiev to conduct an audit of the British Embassy in Ukraine for minimizing risks of errors and violations and to facilitate efficient use of funds.

4 November 2009
Perspectives of providing the MainCRO of Ukraine with technical and financial assistance from the Dutch Government have been discussed

On the 3rd of November 2009 a meeting with specialists of the Dutch Ministry of Finance was held with representatives of the MainCRO, at which it was discussed perspectives of providing Ukraine with technical and financial support for further implementation of public internal financial control.

28 October 2009
Fifth session of Internal Audit Community of Practice in the public sector PEMPAL was held in Yerevan

Community of Practice of mutual study and exchange of experience in the sphere of public finance management (PEMPAL) unites countries of the Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Community was established in 2005, the goal was to strengthen internal potential of countries in the sphere of public finance and expenditure management. PEMPAL is supported by the World Bank, Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, Ministry of International Development of Great Britain (DfID), State Treasury of the USA, SECO, GTZ and the association of public benefit "International Further Training and Development" (InWent, Germany). PEMPAL Secretariat is situated in the Centre of Excellence in Finance (CEF, Slovenia).