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25 May 2010
Work within the framework of the "Modernization of public finance" Project is continued

Within the framework of the "Modernization of public finance" Project from May 18 until 21 this year representatives of the firm “SOFRECO” team leader, manager of the Project Olivie Verdeil and the senior international expert on risks of internal financial control Vania Tomeva worked in the MainCRO.

21 May 2010
Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation Between the Main Control and Revision Office of Ukraine and the Netherlands Ministry of Finance was signed

On the 19th of May 2010 representatives of the MainCRO met the delegation from the Netherlands Kingdom again, namely: Jan van Tuinen – coordinator of technical assistance of the Netherlands Ministry of Finance, Rosalind Boschloo – project coordinator of Agency for International Cooperation, Bas Verberne – Unit Manager of International cooperation of the Netherlands Academy of Finance and Economics and also Ruslana Rudnytcka.

30 April 2010
Monitoring of the introduction of the "Public Finance Modernization" project

On the 27th of April current year within the framework of the mission of experts group from the World Bank in the MainCRO the bilateral meeting was held to discuss the matters on introduction of the "Public Finance Modernization" project.
On this meeting the World Bank was represented by: Cem Dener - project manager; Svitlana Budagovska and Oleksiy Balabushko – economists.

27 April 2010
Perspectives of a new Polish-Ukrainian Project on introduction of internal audit at the regional level were discussed

On the 22 of April this year under chairmanship of Deputy Chairman Olena Chechulina the work meeting with representatives of the Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation PAUCI such as Senior Program Officer Adam Sauer and Deputy Executive Director of the Kyiv office Sviatoslav Pavliuk was held in the premise of the MainCRO.

13 April 2010
SIGMA experts visited the MainCRO within the framework of an estimation mission

On the 6th and 7th of April current year representatives of the SIGMA Joop Vrolijk, Peter Brooke, Noel Hepworth, Andy Anderson and also Sector Manager of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Eleonora Nikolaichuk and representative of the Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine Natalia Kyrychenko visited the MainCRO within the framework of the SIGMA Programme mission with the aim to make an estimation of the current situation in Ukrainian public finance management sphere to define ways for involving possible assistance of the European Union.

12 April 2010
Activity within the framework of the "Modernization of public finance" project continued

In the framework of the "Modernization of public finance" project from April 6 to 8 this year senior international expert on internal financial control risks of «SОFRECO» company Mrs. Vanya Tomeva worked in the MainCRO.
During the meetings with leading specialists of the MainCRO issues of identifying and developing of mechanism of planning of public audit and inspection in accordance with risks of probability of financial violations committing in control objects were discussed.

19 March 2010
Plans on cooperation are confirmed – clever persons learn not only from their own mistakes, but profit by the best experience!

On the 17th of March 2010 representatives of the MainCRO greeted delegation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which was presented by experts from the Ministry of Finance: Mr. Jan van Tuinen, Mr. Peter Kleisen, from the Agency for International Business and Cooperation: Mr. Joost Staffhorst, Ms. Rosalind Boscloo, from the National Academy for Finance and Economics: Mr. Bas Verberne and also Ruslana Rudnytska. Experts of the Netherlands Government visited the MainCRO for discussing the draft programme on introduction of Public Internal Financial Control in Ukraine at the regional level.