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19 March 2010
Plans on cooperation are confirmed – clever persons learn not only from their own mistakes, but profit by the best experience!

On the 17th of March 2010 representatives of the MainCRO greeted delegation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which was presented by experts from the Ministry of Finance: Mr. Jan van Tuinen, Mr. Peter Kleisen, from the Agency for International Business and Cooperation: Mr. Joost Staffhorst, Ms. Rosalind Boscloo, from the National Academy for Finance and Economics: Mr. Bas Verberne and also Ruslana Rudnytska. Experts of the Netherlands Government visited the MainCRO for discussing the draft programme on introduction of Public Internal Financial Control in Ukraine at the regional level.

12 March 2010
Minister of Finance of Ukraine Fedir Yaroshenko introduced the new Chairman of the MainCRO Petro Andreyev

On the 12th of March 2010 Fedir Yaroshenko introduced the new Chairman of the MainCRO Petro Andreyev to the collective of the Main Control and Revision Office of Ukraine.
He is appointed to this post according to the Executive Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 387-r of 11 March 2010.

10 March 2010
Relations with Portuguese colleagues were established

On the third of March 2010 the expert mission of representatives of the Inspectorate General of Finance of the Portuguese Republic (hereafter – the IGF, the Inspection) on issue of financial control – fight against financial machinations within the framework of TAIEX project was held. Inspector-General Jose Maria Leite Martins and his Deputy Jose Antonio Viegas Ribeiro arrived to the MainCRO with the purpose to establish cooperation in a sphere of inspection function modernization and its orientation on fight against fraud in the financial sphere according to the best practice of EU.

10 March 2010
Cooperation with ADETEF is continued

On the 5th of March current year representatives of the MainCRO greeted experts from the Agency of International Technical Assistance of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment, the Ministry of Budget, Public Accounts, Public Service and Public Reform of France (ADETEF): Agnes Arcier – President of ADETEF, Daniele Lajoumard – Inspector-general of finance, coordinator of ADETEF over Ukraine, Alain Thibault – Director of ADETEF in Ukraine and ADETEF expert Alisa Rozanova.

9 March 2010
Practical activity started within the framework of the "Modernization of public finance" project

On the 22nd of February current year realization of component 1.9 "Improvement of coordination of public internal financial control" of the project of public finance modernization was started. It is envisaged the improvement of approaches to planning of control and revision work.

2 March 2010
Expert of the Dutch Ministry of Finance visited the MainCRO

On the 24th of February an expert of the Dutch Ministry of Finance Jan van Tuinen visited the MainCRO to discuss the draft agreement on providing the MainCRO with technical and financial support by the Dutch Ministry of Finance.

5 February 2010
Inspectors of all ministers, let’s unite!

Conference with managers of control and revision units which are functioning within central executive authorities system took place in the MainCRO assembly hall on February 4, 2010.
The cause for this meeting was the adoption of the Degree No.2 of 6 January 2010 “On internal control and revision work carrying out within the central executive authority system” by the Government. This Degree extended considerably the circle of institutions and organizations, which will collaborate with the MainCRO in the sphere of the internal control and revision working prospect.